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Best Tool Chest 2019 Reviews and Comparison

If you are having trouble managing all your tools and are worried their safety then what you need is a tool chest. They come in lots of different shapes and sizes so you will not have trouble finding the one you require. They will increase your security of your tools furthermore; conserve your tools from damage and ware. This article will give you our view on what the best tool chest on the market may be.

Stationary Tool Chest

This is a top of the range, high quality Trinity stationary tool chest as well as a star rating of 4.5 out of 5. With stainless steel cabinets, and thick rubberwood workbench it a perfect perchance to invest in. Also including a built in lock to keep your tools safe and secure. Furthermore, it has additional 5x2 inch (12.7x5.1 Cm) swivel caster, two with brakes, and two without. Acting as a two in one workbench and storage unit. If you want your money’s worth then this is the thing to get. It also has a thrown in 1 year guarantee, giving you all the insurances you need. Weight wise it is 221.1 pounds (100.3 Kg) and has a maximum capacity of 2200 pounds (998 Kg), and in size terms, it is 48x19x37 inches (121.9x48.3x94 centimetres)

  • It allows plenty of storage
  • It is equipped with built in locking system
  • It can become very heavy
  • It is not easily maneuvered

Coming in 2nd place is the black Excel Stationary chest, with a bonus of being inexpensive. It is made out of steel coated in a coat of paint making it superior scratch and chemical resistant. For manoeuvring, it has four 3x1 inch (7.6x2.5 Cm) casters; two fixed and two swivel all with brakes. Fitted with eight draws one cupboard and at the top a lift up hatch. The detentions are 22x12x33.7 inches (55.9x30.5x85.6 Cm) and weighs 49 pounds (22 Kg). What puts this product behind the Trinity is that it can not be used as a workbench and does not have the same amount of storage. However, it is more manoeuvrable as it is a lighter weight. In addition it takes up less floor space so would be better suited for smaller spaces.

  • It has ample storage 
  • It is reasonably inexpensive
  • Has a very thin layer of steel 
  • Does not hold that much weight

At rank 3rd is this multi-functional storage chest. It has is manufactured with steel and is coated in a superior scratch and chemical resistant red top paint. It is fitted with 1 top tray 9 small draws, 3 slightly bigger draws, 2 larger set of draws and then a bottom cupboard. This product can be called a portable rolling tool chest, however, still works a stationary tool chest. Furthermore, it can split into two sections. Using the top section, you can use it a hand held tool chest and the bottom section ca be still use as a stationary or portable object. It is 23.5x13x42.5 inches (59.7x33x108 Cm) and has a total weight of 57.5 pounds (26.1 Kg).

  • It has three different functions
  • The storage has a verity to fit all the different tools
  • Has a very thin layer of steel
  • It can get very heavy and hard to wheal

Portable Rolling Tool Chest

​1. Hilka XW36CU

The Hilka XW36CU is a high quality portable tool chest. It has a top box that can also be used as a hand held toll chest complete with four draws and a top hatch. That then is attached to a bottom trolley equipped with two larger draws and a bottom cabinet, following on from that it has an extra side cabinet and screw section. This is all made out of steel and has a red superior scratch and chemical resistant paint giving that extra protection on your product. With dimensions of 53.9x18.2x54 inches (137x46.1x137.2 Cm), and the extra side cabinet of 36x6 inch (91.4x15.2 Cm) will provide plenty of room to store your tools. It all together weighs 207.2 pounds (94 Kg)

  • It has a superior scratch and chemical resistant red top paint 
  • Comes with an extra side cabinet
  • When loaded it gets harder to control
  • Takes up more floor space than others

​2. DeWalt Folding Trolley

This is a DeWalt portable toll chest, which consists of smaller tool chests that are mounted onto a steal trolley, makes it easier to move from place to place. The chest trolley has had an impact resistance test that gave the result at 4.9 Km/Hr for 4,800-meter stroke. All three boxes are different sizes in height terms; small, medium, and large, though width and length wise they are all the same. However, to manoeuvre about it has 216mm heavy-duty rubber wheels. Furthermore, it is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars and comes at good cost. All in all it has a size of 20x26x43 inches (50.8x66x109.2 Cm) and a weight of 70.5 pounds (32 Kg).


  • Can be stored in very small spaces
  • Is perfect for building sites


  • It is heavy without tools on

​3. Sealey AP2513B

Rated 3rd this is a steel portable cabinet coated in a black superior scratch and chemical resistant paint. The rating on this product is 4 out of 5 stars. With two sections, this tool chest has a rolling bottom section that can be disconnected from the top section. The top section is a hand held tool chest that can be connected to the bottom by the bottom. It is equipped with 9 small draws, 2 larger draws and, 1 slightly bigger draw, fallowed by a top hatch. The bottom section has 2 large draws, 2 big draws and finally a cabinet at the bottom. Allowing plenty of room for all your tool. Overall, it weighs 86 pounds (39 Kg) and is 378x255.9x378 (960x650x960 Cm).

  • It is Multi-functional
  • It has a variety of draws
  • It can’t hold too many heavy objects
  • Has only got a thin layer of steel

Hand Held Tool Chest

​1. Sealey AP22509BB

This Stealy tool chest is made of steel and coated in a superior scratch and chemical resistant red top paint for extra protection for your tools. This particular product can be attached to other portable chest like the Sealey AP22507BB adding extra uses you may not have already had. It has six small draws, two larger and the largest draw at the bottle furthermore has a hatch at the top. For extra security, this product has a built in look keeping your tools safe. It is 28x21x19.3 inches (71.2x 54.2x49 Cm) in dimensions and 33.1 pounds (15 Kg) in weight. The rating of this product is 4 out of 5 stars, which is pretty good in my books.

  • Being able to be attached to anther product adding to its usage
  • It has a verity of different compartments 
  • It hasn’t got the strongest handles

2. Dirty Pro Tools™ Hand Held Tool Chest

With a 4.5 out of 5 star review, this seems a brilliant investment to go for. I comes in four different colours (Black, Blue, Red, and Green) and has a superior scratch and chemical resistant paint covering the steel underneath. This gives extra protection and helps secure your tools. Fitted with six small draws, two larger and the largest draw at the bottle furthermore has a hatch at the top these are US ball bearing draws. Attached is a lock and two keys to make sure you have full control over your tools. The dimensions are 22.6x10.2x15.1 inches (60x26x38.4 Cm) and weighs 33.1 pounds (15 Kg). Furthermore, it comes with and extra 4-part tool divider helping you keep your tool chest more organised.

  • It is made of steel
  • It has a built in lock
  • The handles can not hold to much weight
  • The draws have rather sharp edges

​3. US pro Hand Held Tool Chest

This tool chest high quality yet reasonably affordable. It is white with black draws. The material of it is steel with a weight/black coat of paint and was its own internal locking system and key. Fit with 9 US pro draws and hatch; 6 of them are smaller draws, two take up the whole width, 1 slightly larger again and finally the top hatch. It has a total weight of 66 pounds (30 Kg) and the overall dimensions are 23.6x10.2x15 inches (60x26x38.5 Kg) and it also comes with a 12-month warranty. Furthermore, you can get the bottom section, rolling tool chest, that has extra space, and would give you more than one way to use this product as storage.

  • It comes with 12 month warranty
  • It can be attached to another rolling tool chest
  • Its white so it will show up dirt
  • It comes with an internal locking system and key

Buying Guide

Advantages Disadvantages Affordability
Stationary Tool Chest • Holds both large and small tools
• Can hold heavier loads
• Provides a tool base
• It is Expensive
• Takes up sufficient space
• It is not portable
$$$$ to $$$$$
Portable Rolling Tool Chest • Can be portable
• Takes a good amount of equipment
• Can be used as a hand carry tool chest
• Can be heavy
• Takes up sufficient space
• Is not easy on a non-flat surface
$$$ to $$$$
Hand Carry Tool Chest • Can be carried
• Does not take up a lot of space
• Can be taken anywhere
• Can only hold as much as you can carry
• Cannot take bigger tools
• Has to be more durable
$$ to $$$

Finding the right tool chest can be very difficult as there are so many materials, shapes, colours, and sizes. This buying guide will help you narrow down your search and hopefully, prevent you from making the wrong decision.

Before looking up anything, you need to decide what this tool chest is going to be used for. Now, you have three options, you can have it as a Stationary Tool Chest, a Portable Rolling Tool Chest, or a Hand Carry Tool Chest.

Then you need think about the material you use, as this will factor into the end cost:


Plastic will be the cheapest option but you do get what you pay for as plastic is no especially sturdy and will not be able to withstand the heaver weights.


Metal is more expensive, however, will make a difference as it can tolerate more heavy-duty work, this makes it a generally better-suited material than plastic. It can be brought to any building site protecting your tools, even in the toughest situations, with hard outer surfaces and high boiling and melting points.


Wood is perhaps the most expensive option. It is much heavier than metal and plastic resulting in the fact that you will not be able to carry as much. However if you are buying a stationary tool chest that should not be a problem.


Why buy a tool chest?

A tool chest is a mandatory piece of equipment for anyone working with tools. Whether you are a professional garage, industrial builder or simply a person doing simple DIY a proficient tool chest should be a top priority. It is a very simple but effective way of storing your tools without much hassle.

These storage units provide a convenient location for you tools, where you can easily return to, without having to go looking for every tool you require. Also exponentially improve your efficiency and salvage time in the long run, providing extra time in the task you are doing. In addition preserving and diminishing the prospect of your tools acquiring damage or stolen. Creating another layer of protection that it otherwise would not have.

What are tool chests made of?

A Tool chest can be made up of many different materials. However, the most common are plastic, metal, or wood.

If you what to go for a more affordable version you should be looking and plastic as your material. It however will not withstand heavy weights high temperatures and will be less durable. However, if you are going to put spanners and hammers in a safe environment then plastic is probably you first option.

When the material metal is used, it is most commonly steel or aluminium and sometimes they even use both. The positives of using these materials for your tool chest are that; they hard and malleable son there is no need to be worried that the tools inside will be damaged if the box gets a bit battered. Metal can withstand substantial heat with high melting and boiling points.

Then there is the most expensive option to go for a wooden tool chest. Providing a less conductive and more insulated storage facility. In result of its high density being a very hardwearing material to use nonetheless, it will create another problem that it will be heavier to move and carry around. Withstanding those points, you are paying extra for it and so it is up to you whether it is worth it.

How Secure are Tool Chests?

Just by putting your tools in any sort of unit is lowering the chances of your tools acquiring damage or being stolen. Administering some sort of unit will hide and contain safely your tools from harm’s way. We suggest that getting a proper Tool chest will adequately provide an additional protection that you, without it, wold reduce its safety and higher the likely hood of them acquiring damage. Therefore, this is a solution to give you the utmost security.

These units will also frequently pride padlocks or built in locks so it limits the amount of people able to get in without consent. There is also a factor of the material you use will make a difference as buying a plastic tool chest will not provide that much protection. Whereas in the other hand the metal will significantly affect the protection as it is much harder and will withstand a lot more force.

How to Know What Size to Get?

Evidently, the size depends on how much you are proposing to put in it. However, it is much harder picking one, as there are many different shapes and sizes that these products come in.

First, you need to decide where you are going to store your investment, as you do not what it to continuously finding that is in the way. By considering this factor will substantially narrow your search down making your job a whole lot easier.

Then you have to decide what you want to put in your tool chest. Whether you are planning to put substantially power tools or if you just have reasonable sized tools that can fit in small draws. Which will also give you a better sense of what you are looking for.

Finally, you should have a smaller selection that you can get your head around, you can decide the less major factors for instance colour, brand or what lock you want.


Tool chests are a very straightforward simple way to make your life a whole lot easier. By giving, the top three in the three categories will make your decision that little bit easier

If you have any other questions or worries please contact us, or if you have any comments or improvements please leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


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