Best Ratcheting Screwdriver 2019 Reviews and Comparisons

Many jobs in and around the home and workshop need to be undertaken with the help of a ratcheting screwdriver. The problem is that there are many different types and brands of ratcheting screwdriver on the market these days, making it hard for any prospective buyer to choose the right one. The good news is that we can help you with your purchase because we have reviewed what we believe to be the best ratcheting screwdrivers on the market right now. Take a look at the list of screwdrivers below, and learn a little more about each product so that you are just that little bit closer to choosing the right ratcheting screwdriver for you.

Product Reviews

The Craftsman 9-41796 Ratcheting Ready Bit Screwdriver looks like a serious piece of equipment thanks to its black and yellow finish and its assortment of high quality bits. Sold for approximately $39, the Craftsman comes with a strong magnetic tip that keeps the bits in place, and a pull-out handle that makes reaching for your bits very easy.

Weighing 1.4 ounces, and measuring 2 x 5.3 x 11.8 inches, the 9-41796 comes with 14 bits in an assortment of sizes, helping you to get more jobs done. With an easy-grip handle, and a reputation for being strong and sturdy, this could be the ratcheting screwdriver you need. However, the handle is quite large making it difficult for those who have small hands. If you have small hands, you may want to think about buying an alternative ratcheting screwdriver instead.


  • It comes with 14 bits
  • Has strong magnetic tip

  • The handle is quite large

The Stanley 66-358 Stubby Ratcheting MultiBit Screwdriver is a small but mighty screwdriver that comes with a black and yellow finish, and looks as though it has been made to work well. With a magnetic tip that helps to keep screws and bits in place, and a comfortable handle, the Stanley 66-358 is sold for approximately $9.

Complete with 6 chrome vanadium bits, this screwdriver also has internal storage so you have easy access to those bits whenever you need them. Measuring 7.5 x 4 x 1.5 inches, and weighing 0.3 ounces, this could be one of the lightest screwdrivers around. Ideal for use in tight spaces, the 66-358 comes with 3 Philips bits, ¼ inch slotted bit, 1/8-inch slotted bit, and a 3/16- slotted bit. With a 3-position switch that allows users to turn the screwdriver clockwise, counter-clockwise, and in a locked position, this screwdriver has a reputation for being a good all-round tool.


  • It is very low in price
  • Ideal for small spaces

  • Bits tend to rattle occasionally

The Kobalt 35pc Double Drive QL3 Quick Load Screwdriver Set is sold for approximately $22, and comes with a double-drive ratchet design that makes this screwdriver twice as efficient as many others on the market. With a one-handed locking system, users can get to work quickly, and with a lot less hassle. With a blue/black finish and complete with 34 bits, this is a screwdriver that means business.

Weighing 1.4 pounds, and measuring 10 x 6.2 x 2 inches, this is the biggest and heaviest ratcheting screwdriver we have seen so far, but it does come with a hex drive, Philips drive, Pozidriv drive, a square drive, and a Torx drive. With a reputation for being very easy to use, and allowing users to get a lot of jobs done quickly, the Kobalt Double Drive Screwdriver set is one of the best tools out there.


  • It comes with 34 bits
  • Has a great reputation

  • Heavier than many ratcheting screwdrivers

The Stanley 62-574 MultiBit Ratcheting Screwdriver Set comes with a black and yellow finish, and storage in the handle for the bits that come with the screwdriver as standard. Plated so that it is resistant to corrosion, this set is sold for approximately $17, and has a magnetic bit holder that makes changing bits easy and secure. Compatible with Black and Decker bits, the screwdriver weighs 5.8 ounces, and measures 11.8 x 4.8 x 1.8 inches. With heat treated alloy bits that come in 5 different shapes and sizes, users should find that they can get a wide variety of jobs done with ease. With a strong ratcheting mechanism, and rotating bit storage, this ratcheting screwdriver set has a reputation for being easy to use.


  • It is very low in price
  • Has a good reputation

  • Bits can be hard to get out

The Stanley 69-189 Ratcheting Multi-Bit Screwdriver comes with a clean finish and a 3-positioning ratchet mechanism enabling users to use in it a clockwise, counter-clockwise, and locked position. The quick-release magnetic holder keeps the bit you’re using in place, and the bit storage compartment means you’ll have access to the bits when you need them the most.

Sold for approximately $11.30, and measuring 11.8 x 3.6 x 1.3 inches, and weighing 4.8 ounces, the Stanley Screwdriver has a bi-material handle that has been textured for torque and grip, making it easier to use. Complete with 6 bits, and with a reputation for being a good quality ratcheting screwdriver, the Stanley 69-189 could be the tool you need.


  • It is a good price
  • Has a very high quality

  • It is quite big to use and hold

Buying Guide


When it comes to storing all of those different bits, you should ideally opt for a ratcheting screwdriver that is capable of storing the bits for you. This is because the bits are usually quite small and fiddly, and finding them when they’re in among all your other tools can be quiet tricky. Plus, because they are quite small, bits tend to get lost, meaning you may not be able to get your jobs done if you cannot find the bit that you need.

Here is where a ratcheting screwdriver with a mini storage compartment can help: Allowing you to store your bits inside the screwdriver means that you can have access to them whenever you need them, you just need to make sure that when you’re done with the bits you place them in the storage area ready for use next time.

Not every ratcheting screwdriver comes with storage options, but if this is something that appeals to you, you may want to think about purchasing a screwdriver that has storage for its bits.  When you’re using your new screwdriver and you want to change a bit, please make sure that you always put the bit that you no longer need back in the storage compartment so you know where to find it next time. This option also means that you’re less likely to lose your bits, keeping them safe and secure so you can find them when you need them, making your DIY life so much easier.


Most ratcheting screwdrivers come with a range of bits that allow users to get a lot of different jobs done using just one tool. The types of bits that the screwdrivers come with often varies, but there are usually some Philips bits and ¼ – 3/8 size bits too. Please be aware that the bits that are compatible with your screwdriver may not be compatible with others. If you lose or damage one of the bits, you may have to look for the same brand bit as it could be the only one that fits in the compartment, and works with your screwdriver.

If there are some specific bits that you need, you should make sure that any ratcheting screwdriver you buy has those specific bits. Surprisingly, types and sizes of bits can and often do vary between different screwdrivers, and different brands, so make sure you know what you need, and buy the screwdriver that comes with the bits you need.

Magnetic tip

Many ratcheting screwdrivers come with magnetic tips. Tips such as these are ideal as they help to keep those small bits in place when you’re using them. This means that they are a lot less likely to fall off your screwdriver, while you’re getting your job done. What’s more is the magnetic tip can hold the bit in place quite securely when you’re not using your new screwdriver. However, if you want to be extra careful and avoid losing any of your bits, please store them in the small storage compartment that came as standard with your new screwdriver.

Some screwdrivers go so far as keeping your bits safe and secure while you change them around, meaning you can do it with ease, and without worrying that you’ll drop or use the bit. If this sounds like something you would like, please look for a ratcheting screwdriver that comes with a quick-release and secure change option.


Why a Ratcheting Screwdriver?

Ratcheting screwdrivers are absolutely ideal at helping you to get a lot of jobs done quickly. This is because they have been made for ease of use, and versatility. This type of screwdriver works to get rid of the need to twist the screwdriver and your wrist awkwardly. If you have a lot of work to do, and you find that your wrist often gets tired or starts to ache when using a screwdriver, here is where a ratcheting screwdriver can help. The ratcheting mechanism works to keep the end of the bit in place, while you turn the screwdriver ever so slightly, so that the bit moves the screw that you’re putting in place. As we have already seen, ratcheting screwdrivers also come with a storage compartment allowing you to store your bits inside the screwdriver means that you can have access to them whenever you need them. If you finding you need something for more refined jobs then what you need is a Precision Screwdriver.

How does it work?

A ratcheting screwdriver works via a mechanism that is located in its handle. The mechanism allows the user to move their hand very slightly allowing the screwdriver to make another turn, without having to remove the screwdriver from the screw. Users will also find that they do not need to release any of the pressure that they are putting on the screw, they simply need to turn their wrist ever so slightly, and the job is done.

When using a ratcheting screwdriver, you will hear a few clicks coming from the screwdriver when turning your wrist, this is perfectly normal  and the clicks are simply the sound of the ratchet re-engaging.

How does it affect my Screwdriver job?

When using a ratcheting screwdriver, as opposed to a regular screwdriver, you will be able to get your jobs done quickly and more efficiently. This means that if you happen to be putting some screws in wood, you will not need to strain your wrist quite so much, or release any of the pressure that you are putting on the screw.

Ultimately, a ratcheting screwdriver will allow you to get a lot more work done in a very short space of time. What’s more is if you have to use a variety of screws, the bits that come with your new ratcheting screwdriver will mean you don’t have to look for another screwdriver that fits, you can simply add the right-size and shape bit, and carry on with the work you need to do.


As you can see, there are many different ratcheting screwdrivers on the market right now, making it harder for you to find the one that you need. Take a look at the five screwdrivers above, and decide which one you think is the best. Now get ready to get all of those jobs done around your home, in your garage, or in your workshop.

If you have any other questions or worries please contact us, or if you have any comments or improvements please leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


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