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When you need to use a disc sander so you can undertake many different jobs wide you’ll need to make sure you purchase one that will work well enough, so you can all of your jobs properly and with very little effort. This is where we can help: We have selected 5 of what we think are the best disc sanders on the market. This will make your search for a new disc sander a lot easier because you won’t have to sort through the less than perfect sanders to find one that works for you. But remember that sanding creates a lot of mess so if you are interested in buying a sander like this, have a look at dust collectors. Back to disc sanders look below for more information:

So, What are the products on offer?

At Number One...

Shop Fox W1828

The Shop Fox W1828 12-inch Disc Sander comes with a 1HP motor, a safety switch, and powder coated paint for better protection. Sold for approximately $269, and complete with a deluxe miter gauge that allows users to sand at their desired angle, the Shop Fox also has a ball-bearing construction.


Shop Fox




61 Pounds


1HP Motor

Measuring 17 x 15.8 x 14.5 inches, and weighing 61 pounds this disc sander has a table that can be adjusted up to 45-degrees, so you can sand exactly what you want, in exactly the right place. Made to last, and with a removable lock-out key, the Shop Fox W1828 has a reputation for being a good sander with a heavy duty motor.

At Number Two...

Delta Power Equipment Corp 31-140

The Delta Power Equipment Corp 31-140 Disc Sander is sold for approximately $234 and comes with a cast iron base that has pre-drilled holes that allow users to mount it on a bench very easily. The ½ HP motor is considered to be quite powerful, and the dust collection fan moves dust away which creates a cleaner work area.

Complete with a hose cleaner that is attached to the collection fan, and with a 3/6 x ¾ inch miter gauge the Delta Power sander is ideal for a wide range of jobs.


Delta Power Equipment Corp




79.2 Pounds


½ HP

Weighing 79.2 pounds, and measuring 17 x 15 x 17 inches, this disc sander is a lot heavier than the previous model, and slightly bigger too, which could make it even more ideal for frequent use in a workshop or garage. With a reputation for being an excellent disc sander that is well-built, this could be the sander that you need.

At Number Three...


The DEWALT DWE6401DS 5-Inch Disc Sander comes with a 6-amp motor and a VSR trigger dial for ease of use in a wide range of applications. The handle comes with a soft grip making the DEWALT a lot more comfortable to use than some disc sanders. Ideal for use with 5-inch and 8-inch hook and loop sand paper, the DWE6401DS is sold for approximately $79, making it the cheapest disc sander we have seen so far.






4.65 Pounds



Weighing just 4.65 pounds, and measuring 9.2 x 9.2 x 4.6 inches, this particular disc sander comes with a dust shroud that can help to keep the users working area clean.  With the ability to let users change sandpaper quickly, and made to make the sanding process so much quicker, the DEWALT has a reputation for being a cheap but effective sander that’s ideal for a lot of different uses.

At Number Four...

Makita GV5010

The Makita GV5010 GV5010 5-Inch Disc Sander comes with the standard blue and black Makita finish, and a 4.2-amp motor that also comes with 4,500 RPM, making it ideal for a lot of applications. Double insulated to keep those bits of dust out, and with a ball-bearing construction that gives it a longer life, the Makita has a soft-grip ergonomic handle that makes it so much easier and more comfortable to use.






2.4 Pounds



Sold for approximately $95, and weighing just 2.4 pounds, the GV5010 is the lightest model we have seen so far, making it very easy to use for long periods of time. Measuring 10 x 8 x 4 inches this disc sander is also the smallest one we have come across, meaning it’s ideal for use in tighter work spaces. With a reputation for being a flawless disc sander that is great value for money, this could be the product you need.

At Number Five...

WEN 6502

The WEN 6502 6-Inch Disc Sander with Cast Iron Base has a rugged finish and is sold for approximately $88 dollars. Complete with a 6 x 6 inch disc and a 4 x 36 inch belt, the WEN means business. Made with a cast iron base to help prevent those annoying vibrations, the 6502 has a dust port, a 4.3-amp motor, and a tension release lever that makes changing the sandpaper so much easier.






39.1 Pounds



Measuring 22 x 11 x 12.5 inches, and weighing 39.1 pounds, this isn’t the biggest disc sander around, but it isn’t the smallest either. Ideal for getting rid of splinters and jagged edges, the 6502 has an 80-grit sanding belt, a 2.25 inch dust port, and a reputation for being a good quality sander that’s ideal for occasional use.

Buying Guide…


While many different sanders offer many different levels of power, it isn’t vital that you buy a disc sander that comes with as much power as possible. This is generally because the more power a sander has, the heavier it will be. If you do buy a disc sander that has plenty of power, you may find that it is a little too powerful. This may be especially so when you need those smaller, more intricate jobs done. The most important feature of a new disc sander is what it does for you terms of weight and accessories. Concentrating on these factors alone could ensure you end up with a better sander that you can use for years.


The disc sander you could end up buying will depend on a number of factors:

  • How much you want to pay for your new disc sander
  • How often you’ll use your new disc sander
  • The size of the tasks you’ll be undertaking

- Price

The amount of money you may end up paying could reflect the quality of the disc sander. If you decide to buy a relatively cheap sander, you’re not guaranteed to get a good finish each time. However, some if the cheapest disc sanders on the market will let you get a few jobs done without much difficulty, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

The more you pay for your new sander the better your it may be, simply because it’s likely to be made out of better materials. If you purchase a disc sander that has a middle-of-the-range price you may end up with on that’s possibly just as good as some of the expensive models, but this isn’t guaranteed. Ideally, you should do your research and take a look at any customer reviews and comments you come across as they are usually good indications as to how the disc sander in question performs.          

- How often you will use your new disc sander?

If you don’t think you will use your disc sander very frequently, you won’t need to spend much money on it. However, if you do plan to use it 2-3 times a week, you may want to spend a bit more. Spending a little more money could mean you have a disc sander that is strong and sturdy and works well.


Not a lot of people consider the weight of a disc sander to be an important issue before they buy one. However, if you don’t think about the weight you may put yourself at risk of buying a disc sander that is too heavy, and therefore hard to use for a long period of time.

You may purposefully buy a heavy disc sander because it could be slightly more robust than some of the lighter models. While this may be the case with some new sanders, you may find you cannot use it for more than a few minutes at a time.

Although you won’t need to put all your weight on your sander when working with it, the heavier it is the harder it will be to use. Heavier sanders are typically made for frequent use, and they do need to be more robust. However, if you don’t need a heavy sander, choose a lighter model that is ideal for occasional use.

Questions We Are Frequently Asked…

How often do you need to change the sandpaper?

It’s hard to say for sure how often the sandpaper will need to be changed, but if you use it every day you will need to change it fairly often. If you’re only going to be using it once in a while, you won’t need to change it very frequently.

The frequency of change can also depend on the jobs you do. Some jobs require a lot more sandpaper, and others might not need much sandpaper at all.

If you need to change your sandpaper quite often, consider using less pressure when you’re sanding, and see how you go. You could be applying too much pressure, and wearing the sandpaper down. You may also be damaging the surface you’re working on. Change the amount of pressure you use first, and then see if you still need to change the sandpaper.

You may also want to think about the coarseness of your sandpaper. Some sandpaper is really coarse, whereas other pieces are not coarse at all. If the sandpaper you’re using has very fine grit you may need to change it frequently, especially if the grit is not coarse enough. When you use a disc sander for the first time you may not be sure what type of sandpaper you should use, but do not worry, after a while you will understand exactly what to use.

Where to get extra sandpaper?

Your new sander is likely to be delivered with some spare sandpaper in the box. Some disc sanders even come with more than one spare sheet, but this depends on the brand.

If you would always like to have enough sandpaper in stock you may want to think about purchasing some from the manufacturer, but buying doing so could be expensive. Instead, think about buying some sandpaper from a local store. Not only will it be cheaper, it will support your local community too.

Sandpaper is available to buy online and in well-known hardware stores. Please make sure you always buy the sandpaper that is ideal for use with a disc sander.

It doesn’t really matter what brand of sandpaper you purchase, and it doesn’t matter where you purchase it from, if the sandpaper is completely compatible for use with your new disc sander it should be absolutely ok to use.

In Conclusion…

If you are in need of a new disc sander you’re probably aware that it can be hard to choose the right one. Every single model on the market seems to claim that they are the best out there. However, there are only a few discs sanders on the market that can give you exactly what you need. We hope that we have made your search for a new disc sander a lot easier, so you are closer to getting your jobs done to a standard you are pleased with.

If you have any other questions or worries please contact us, or if you have any comments or improvements please leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

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