Best Cordless Screwdriver 2020

Finding the right cordless screwdriver can be hard as there is so many to choose form. Hopefully this article can narrow down your choices and inspire you buy something you may not of considered at the beginning. All these products are top of the range high quality machines so the difference between 1st and 2nd is just the finest details.

Product reviews

  • It comes with 20 volts of power
  • It has a long lasting battery
  • It is a bit more expencive

The DeWalt Cordless screwdriver is are top pick for the best heavy-duty cordless screwdriver. It is equipped with 20 volts of power and has 2 speeds for you to choose the right speed so that the job is done to the very best quality. The lower speed is from 0-450 rpm and the higher speed is up to 1,500 rpm. Furthermore, it has a contact drill/driver kit. For the amount of volts and power this design is compact and reasonably lightweight maximising the amount of jobs you can do. The handle is ergonomic giving you comfort and control over you cordless screwdriver. This DeWalt screwdriver is also a best seller and by the consumers and reviews has been given 4.6 out of 5 star.

  • It has 20 volts of power
  • It is very compact for the amount of power.
  • It is bigger and heavy to just doing bits around the house.
  • It is fitted with a LED light
  • It has a 1300mAh rechargeable battery
  • It weighs 2 pounds

The black & decker B00JXTKI88 is a 4.5 star cordless screwdriver. It has a rotating handle that turns 90 decrees and has three handle positions giving you the mobility to screw drive from all different angle and getting in to places you could not otherwise get into. In addition, it comes with 33 different bits that come in a case so you do not have to buy anything extra with your screwdriver. It has a 3.6-volt lithium battery that holds for up to 18 months resulting in that you do not have to recharge it before every use. It produces five Nm of torque providing optimum and performance for all tasks around the house.

  • It has a three-stationed rotating handle
  • The lithium battery can last for up to 18 months
  • It does not have the power for bigger heavy-duty tasks

The Genesis GLSD72A Lithium-Ion 2-speed Screwdriver Bit Set comes with a pleasant green/dark gray/light gray finish and is sold for approximately $25. With a lithium-ion battery that gives the tool more run time and more power, the Genesis set is well worth considering. With a built-in LED work light, users will find that working in dark spaces is a lot easier, meaning they can see exactly where they are drilling into.

With a ¼ inch Hex quick change chuck, and 16 torque/chuck settings, the GLSD72A also comes with a battery charge level indicator so users know how much more charge the screwdriver set needs. With two speeds: 200 and 400 RPM, users can get a lot more work done, and with 2 screwdriver bits and 4 hex shank drill bits, it’s easy to see why the Genesis GLSD72A Lithium-Ion 2-speed Screwdriver Bit Set has a reputation for being a great tool for small projects.

  • It has a 2 Speed gearbox
  • It has 16 torque/chuck settings
  • It is not that powerful

Buying guide

Finding the right product in knower day society is really hard as there is so many different types brands shapes and sizes. This guide will take you through all those options.


Many people think that the more power you have the better, however, that power comes with a price and makes a big difference on the size and weight. Therefore, you should only go for what you need. To do light duty jobs, maybe just for use around the house would only need 4-8 volts. Whereas is you are a builder or are doing work that is more heavy-duty you should go for 12-18. You can go higher than that but as I said there is no point overdoing it.

Size and shape

The size and shape of your product largely depends on the power and battery life of your product. So you should really choose wisely, because in one hand you can drill harder and faster with a bigger and more powerful machine. However, big clunky machines can get to smaller areas. Therefore, if you are drilling in corners or in narrow gaps the big monstrous machine cannot access them. Implying that you should maybe loose the power and gain your variability. On that same point you can get rotating screwdrivers giving you those extra angles that with a basic screwdriver you could not get.


Why buy a cordless screwdriver

Cordless screwdrivers were a huge jump forward in our building sector. By being able to not be constantly restricted by a lead was amazing compared to before where you had to use a manual ratchet screwdriver for non-powered areas. Since then they have developed in shape size and power to become the tool we use today. Although they do not have the same, power and the corded ones they are almost more popular.

You should buy a cordless screwdriver because it mean you can use it anywhere without needing a power socket. Allowing you do work in a garden, a barn or even in the middle of a field. In addition, they are small and light providing versatility. If however you are looking to do more refined work then you should have a look at precision screwdrivers.

How does a cordless screwdriver work?

Every cordless screwdriver has a rechargeable battery. The motor convert the battery’s electric energy and turns it into mechanical energy providing power for the rotation required to turn the chuck. The power is transferred through, what is called a gearbox, which, depending on the model and make of your cordless screwdriver, might have fitted gears therefore allowing you to alter the speed of your drilling.

How to use cordless screwdriver

The most important thing to do is to use the right bit for the job. If you do not quite get it right, you can end up not being able to screw anything in, damage the screw and potentially damage the bit. That would not be good so before you screw anything you have to find the right bit to match the screw. To check you have the right bit check that it is firmly attached to the screw, if wobbly in anyway change it to a smaller one. Equally the other way around. It would be even better if you use a magnetic bit, as it will help keep he screw in place allowing you to concentrate on the actual screw driving instead of checking it is still in place.

When screw driving remember to add some pressure helping the screw in. finally after you use one of these items remember to put them back on charge so they are fully charged for the next time you use them.


I hope by reading and following up this article, you have found what you were looking for. I also hope that you will not be lost of how to use it and now how it works giving you the opportunity to use its full potential.

If you have any other questions or worries please contact us, or if you have any comments or improvements please leave a comment at the bottom of the page​.

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